1. Water Lilies, Claude Monet

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    Haghartsin Monastery, Armenia | Areg Amirkhanyan

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  4. why cant america just use celsius it’s so much easier to spell than feiehreirheineiheit

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  7. long time, no selfie.

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    i need kisses and attention and alcohol

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    Neon blue lava pours from Indonesia’s Kawah Ijen Volcano. The reason it’s blue is because the mountain contains large amounts of pure sulfur, which emits an icy violet colors as it turns. It turns the rocky slopes into a hot, toxic environment. (Article) 

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    Timeless Black and White’s - ELIE SAAB Ready-to-Wear Spring Summer 2015

    Oh my god

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    Gordon Parks - Black Muslim Protest, 1963 (via)

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