3. våra läppar smakar rom
    men jag kyssar dig som om
    det var din sista första gång

  4. With myplasticlipstick ✌️

  5. adore me.

  6. I’m exhausted and I need attention. Help.

  7. drinks with ma bestie myplasticlipstick

  8. ~birthday girl~
    Turning 20 today!

  9. i’m broke so the only thing that makes sense is to go out and drink with money i don’t have.

    mood: too lazy to take a proper selfie


  10. reblog my selfie so i know it’s real

  11. Did this last wednesday.

  13. Tagged #me #kik #girl
  14. tired today.

    Tagged #me #kik #girl
  15. Throwback.